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Our Services

Web Development

Development of web applications and modules using the latest technologies and solutions for optimized storage of big data.

Mobile App

Mobile application from the beginning and based on your site and your database.

Design & UX

Creation of a user interface according to usability standards and modern solutions for building a priority structure.

Graphic Design

Handcrafted graphic design using scripting and machine learning.


Application development for Windows and Mac OS.

Creative Design

Creative design using artificial intelligence technologies.

Responsive Design

Creation of responsive website design based on Bootstrap technology. One site for all devices and screen resolutions.

Web Design

Web design creation. Structure, styles and technologies.


Support in all languages of the world at a convenient time for you with the connection of our employee directly to your computer without access to your personal files.


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About Us

We are a team of highly-skilled professionals with a broad range of experience and expertise. Each of us specialized in a different field, we come together to form a strong, constantly evolving team. Above all, we collaborate and complement each other’s strengths to deliver outstanding results.

Recently, our team has paid great attention to technologies related to artificial intelligence and machine learning, which made it possible to free up human resources and we were able to engage in larger-scale projects.

Services that may interest you:

  • Web Development
  • Design & UX
  • Creative Design
  • Web Design
  • Mobile App
  • Application
  • Responsive Design
  • Support
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Yesterday we said the future belongs to computers, but today computers are not enough and they take control of a person on themselves.
The future today is the new world of artificial intelligence

Creative Team


From all over the world

Pavel Agapov


The mastermind and creator of the company with a new vision



Machine learning robot using artificial intelligence technologies


120 / hour
  • Coding
  • Debuging
  • Support
  • Remote access
150 / hour
  • Employee working hours
  • 2 cup of tea
  • 600 watt/hour
  • 3 examples
250 / min
  • Will not get tired
  • 10 watt/min
  • 10 examples
  • Creatively
Double Pack
500 / 3 Hour
  • 1 hour AI
  • 2 Hour Designer
  • 5 examples
  • Usability

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